Ira Stamatopoulou BIO


Ira Stamatopoulou was born in Patras in 1979, today lives in Athens,Greece

She studied art under her mother the painter/engraver Anthi Tomara,

and the painters Dimitris Fotou and Hara Partheni.

On 2008 she participated at the group exhibition:

“WO (+) MAN=? Determination of the Genders: new parts – new

rights?” That was held during the 6th Human Rights Art Festival,

Athens, Greece.

On 2013 she actualizes her first solo exhibition by the tittle:

“Genius Civis/the spirit of the city” at gallery HOS Gallery, Athens,


On October 2014 she participated in group exhibition by the title:

“Art and Madness” that was held at the “Melina” Cultural Center,

Athens, Greece.

~In her paintings she works in a cryptographic

way, trying to reflect the real and at th

same time symbolic view of contemporary

reality. Trying to make the viewer to think

about the reality around him


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