Zoritsa was born 3 January 1970 in Sremska Mitrovica, Yugoslavia where as a child she first studied painting at the side of her artist mother. At sixteen, she was working in the Art Studio of the hyper-realist Dragan Martinovic. From 1988 to 1993, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, graduating in the painting class of Professor Jovan Rakidzic and in the drawing class of Professor Milan Stashevic. From 1994-2004 she has lived and painted in Greece (Athens), where she was a member of the Greek Chamber of Representative Arts (E.E.T.E.). Since 2004, she has lived and creating in Serbia (Novi Sad).

The distinct style of Zoritsa’s imaginative paintings is a blend of surreal, symbolic and metaphysical elements; rich colors, graceful lines and subtle textures characterize her varied work. Her paintings grace numerous collections throughout the world, including those of the Museum Marika Kotopouli in Athens, and the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus. Exhibitions of Zorica’s art include:

  1989 – Sremska Mitrovica, Yugoslavia: “Iconas” at Sirmium Hall

1989 – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia: “Drawings” at Academy Hall

1991 – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia: “Paintings” at the Cultural Centre

1991 – Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia: “Individual Show of Paintings” at the Cultural Centre

1991 – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia: “Drawings” at the Hall of Student Town

1993 – Novi Sad, Yugoslavia: “Final Exhibition: Class of  ‘88” at the University of Novi Sad

1996 – Sremska Mitrovica, Yugoslavia: “May Art Salon” at the Gallery of Lazar Vozarevic

1996 –Athens, Greece: “Paintings and Crafts” at the Voula Cultural Centre

1997 –Athens, Greece: “Eye on Art” with Rubicon at the Holargos Cultural Centre

1997 –Athens, Greece: “Paintings and Art Works” at the Megaro Mela

1997 –Kefalonia, Greece: “Paintings and Art Works” with Rubicon at the Poros Cultural Centre

1997 – Kefalonia, Greece: “Paintings and Art Works” with Rubicon at Argostoli

1997 – Athens, Greece: “Paintings and Art Works” with Rubicon at the theatre of Paleo Faliro

1997 – Athens, Greece: “An Evening of Art” at the New Star Gallery of Glyfada

1998 – Athens, Greece: “ Art Works” with Rubicon at the embassy of Ukraine

1999 –Athens, Greece: “Minus – Plus” at the Hellenic American Union, Kolonaki

1999 –Piraeus, Greece: “The Word of Art” at the Public Picture Gallery

1999 –Mykonos, Greece: “Peace” at the Municipal Gallery, Maria Inglesi Hall

1999 –Syros, Greece: “Flame of Art – Flame of Peace” with Rubicon at the Artistic Hall of Ermoupoli

2000 –Koropi, Greece: “Flame of Art – Flame of Peace” with Rubicon at the Cultural  Centre

2000 –Rion, Greece: “Art Rion” Balkan artists at the old Castle of  Rion

2000/01 – Rion, Greece: “One Country…One Story” Serbian artists at the Zervas Gallery

2001 –Athens, Greece: “Month of  Fine Arts” Greek Chamber of Representative Arts at Tehnopolis – Gazy

2001 –Athens, Greece: “Fast – Art” at the Lentzou Gallery at New Kifisia

2003 –Athens, Greece: “Group Show of Artwork” at the Rodavgy Gallery  at  St. Stefan

2003 –Athens, Greece: “FEMMES EN MEDITERRANEE”  at the Cultural  Centre of Melina Mercouri – Thissio

2003 –Athens, Greece: “Charitable Exhibition-Auction” at the Periplanisi Gallery at Glyfada

2003 –Athens, Greece: “Periplanisi” at the Art Space Politia – Thissio

2004 –Athens, Greece: “Encounters” & “Olympic Reminiscence” at the Art Space Avra – Glyfada

2009 – Novi Sad, Serbia: “Encounter” at the “Podrum” Gallery – Apolo Center

2009 – Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia: “Encounters” at the “Lazar Vozarevic”  Gallery


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